Target Projects

While each project will require an evaluation of site conditions, Lucid Energy is targeting projects with the following characteristics:

1. Users
Facilities and systems where water is flowing through large, gravity-fed transmission and distribution pipelines (24-96″ in diameter), including:

Industrial facilities that use a high volume of water for processing or cooling, such as aluminum manufacturing, chemical processing and thermo electric plants.
Municipal water and waste water utilities and transmission agencies that manage water distribution and treatment systems.
Agriculture irrigation districts where large-scale water transmission and distribution pipelines are used.
2. Velocity
Average flow velocity of 3 – 12 feet per second. The greater the flow, the more power that can be generated.

3. Head
Excess head pressure of 5 PSI or greater. The more pressure the better.

4. Location
By installing LucidPipe close to where the electricity is being used, installation costs can be reduced. The electricity can be fed to the grid or used to power small online desalination, SCADA, monitoring or purification systems.

5. New or Rehab Pipelines
The ideal time to install LucidPipe is during new pipeline construction, replacement or rehabilitation; it also can be installed in existing pipelines where access can be constructed easily or where access already exists, such as vaults for valve access.

6. Multiple Turbines
It is most economical to deploy multiple turbine systems in a pipeline. This method shares the costs of the power electronics and grid connection devices and also makes LucidPipe energy projects more efficient.