How It Works

Water flows through LucidPipe’s lift-based turbine, generating power as the turbine spins. The hydrodynamic turbine has been carefully designed and lab tested to maximize efficiency and power generation while limiting the onset of cavitation. As velocities increase, power production increases. Due to the lift-based design of the LucidPipe turbine, the system generates power across a very wide range of velocities.

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LucidPipe extracts very little head pressure per turbine, often 1-5 PSI. This unique feature allows the modular LucidPipe system to be placed in series, while allowing for uninterrupted water flow. LucidPipe does not need to be placed in a pressure transient zone or where extreme differential pressures are needed.

Many in-conduit hydropower systems are designed to replace pressure reduction valves (PRVs) in small-diameter pipelines ≤16 inches. LucidPipe works in conjunction with valves in large-diameter pipelines ranging from 24 – 96 inches. Using LucidPipe and valves together actually increases the useful life of valves, while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

LucidPipe is designed to minimize any impact on water operations. It can be configured to efficiently generate electricity within a wide range of pipe diameters, head pressures and water velocities. LucidPipe arrives mounted inside a pipe section. The pipe section is installed directly into the water transmission pipeline in a day and grid connected within a week. Because its patented lift-based turbine design does not extract as much pressure as other technologies, LucidPipe can be placed throughout a pipeline system in series without disrupting water delivery. In low-flow conditions, LucidPipe can be deactivated and have virtually no impact on pipeline efficiency.