Lucid Energy is a pioneer in the development of in-pipe hydropower systems for large water users. Because LucidPipe takes advantage of new and existing water infrastructure to produce energy, it provides a new source of baseload renewable energy with no environmental impact.

The EPA states that $650 billion in water infrastructure upgrades are needed to replace aging pipelines and to satisfy new demand over the next 20 years. By incorporating LucidPipe into these systems, millions of megawatt hours of electricity can be generated – without interrupting flow – simply from harnessing the natural power of water moving through gravity fed pipelines and effluent streams.

Lucid Energy presents a compelling opportunity for industries, municipalities, partners and investors to profit from the tremendous potential of in-pipe hydropower to produce clean, renewable energy – turning untapped energy from water infrastructure into significant cost savings for its customers.

Whether replacing, retrofitting or building new systems, users can install LucidPipe in less than a day and begin producing clean, renewable energy within a week. This electricity can be used behind the meter, to power water pumps or devices, to charge storage systems or to connect to the grid for net metering.

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