Info Sheets (printable PDFs)

Lucid Energy Overview
General overview of the company and product. Corporate Partner & ESCO Allies
Information about Lucid Energy’s partner program.

Product Information
Technical overview of the LucidPipe Power System.
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Siemens Marketing Brochure – Portland LucidPipe Case Study
Background on the Portland LucidPipe Power System installation and partnership with Siemens.

Portland Installation FAQ/Fast Facts
Information about the LucidPipe installation in Portland, Oregon, USA

Cadiz Water Project FAQ/Fast Facts
Information about the joint venture between Lucid Energy and Cadiz Inc. to provide in-pipe hydropower for the Arizona & California Railroad Company in their remote, off-grid facility.

Customer Sites – Identify, Install, and Measure

Information about site selection, installation, and energy monitoring & verification for performance contracts.

Technical FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about the LucidPipe Power System.

Ensuring Lifetime Durability of the LucidPipe Power System: Reducing Impact of Cavitation

Site Checklist
A simple worksheet to check site requirements to identify where to install LucidPipe in a customer’s water system.

Glossary of Terms
This document defines terms specific to the Lucid Energy Power System.

Beyond Power
Detailed information about the LucidPipe Power System’s innovative design.



Lucid Overview – Chinese



Technical FAQ’s – Spanish

Customer Sites – Spanish

Whitepaper – Spanish

Site Checklist

Product Info Sheet (metric) – Spanish

Chile Overview – Spanish

Lucid Energy presentation – Spanish